What we do:

We buy, sell, advice to purchase and source new and used quality mining equipment. So whether you want to turn your idle equipment into cash or purchase equipment for your latest project, we’re here to guide you through.

We’re based in Perth, Western Australia and have the capabilities to respond to enquiries anywhere in the world, for a range of different requirements.

Our international network gives you access to the sale, disposal and procurement of quality equipment for every necessity.

We source high quality mining equipment including new, used, low-hour and late model as well as deal with all major OEM brands.

Backed by an industrial experienced domestic and global network, we have the capabilities to source any type of equipment you require with competitive prices and prompt transactions.

We also offer disposal programs ranging from fleet purchases to sales of individual machines in different scenario considering the approaches of Feasibility Studies, Strategic and Project Management, Economic Engineering and development, Industrial Production and Supply Chain Management, Continuous Improvement and Change Management, and Cost Engineering according to Lean Manufacturing.


With the right advice, you could substantially minimise your risk and reworking that come with choosing the wrong equipment for your intended application. This will ultimately help you maximise your profits. For this purpose, we will provide you all the process as a new project include Gantt chart. (Specific activities in order to priorities with predetermined time and allocated cost and resources)

Finding the right equipment for your specific situation can feel like a risky and challenging task, especially when you’re not 100% sure exactly what you need. That’s where we come in. we can review your strategy and redefine your capacities and equipment requirements in accordance with your long and short term planning. Then advise business model to prevent bleeding cost.

With combined industry experience behind us, we can help you find the individual mining equipment that is perfectly suited to your intended application.

Over the years we have formed an extensive global network of buyers and sellers. This international base ensures that no matter what your equipment needs are, we’ll be able to assist.


At PMP our aim is to build a long term, lasting and loyal relationship based upon quality product, customer value service and efficient response considering the best and competitive time, cost and resources.


Our mission is to offer industrial machinery, equipment, parts and products at the best prices and quality. We pledge to use our best efforts to improve your efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Why choose us

PMP’s proposal products and industry expertise provide solutions to a wide range of customers.

We have the responsibility and the opportunity to make a difference. We believe this difference starts with our:

  • Procedures and processes
  • Management techniques
  • Proposal products’ quality and price